Message from the Owner

     We, the Eclectic Cafe and Vinyl, regret to inform you that our doors will be permanently closed on Sunday May 27th, 2018.  This, as will be explained, is at once a sad and happy event that marks not just an end but a new beginning. 

     Within the Eclectic Cafe and Vinyl's communications with the public, I have, as above, always used the royal "We . . .  We are proud to present . . .  We are happy to announce . . ."  That's because the Eclectic Cafe has always been a TEAM; however, the decision to close our doors and make room for a new tenant was mine alone, and so, within this message, I must, at the risk of giving migraines to those who taught me better, drift between the royal "We" and the first person.

     I am grateful for each and every employee who has worked here.  Without them the Eclectic Cafe would have remained an idea, rather than a living, breathing expression of that idea.  We have done our best to provide our customers with great vinyl, great coffee, great food, great service, and great events in a comfortable, approachable environment; all of which served the over-arching goal of fostering a sense of community, acceptance, and belonging.  There have also been some incredible performers - from poets, to musicians, to puppeteers, to comedians - who graciously shared their art here.  Finding so many kind-hearted, talented, and creative people to work and perform here was indispensable to what made this place special.  I'm confident they all have bright, shining futures, and I plan on supporting them every chance I get. 

     For those neighbors and appreciators of the Eclectic Cafe who are concerned with what will happen next at 132 Spring Street, rest assured, your interests are noted and being handled with care.  More than just the manager of the Eclectic Cafe, I am the owner of and live in the building.  Your interests are my interests.  In some funny sense, the Eclectic Cafe was really a construction project that got out of hand; I never contemplated remaining it's operator.  The thrust of the project was the cry of a boarded up, neglected, old building to become something the entire neighborhood could enjoy, and that motivation remains as strong as ever.  The decision to close the Eclectic Cafe was not a financial one, unless time be stupidly reduced to a commodity, and it would not have been made if I were not confident that the new tenants, Fernando Lange and Conny Ahlgren, share my values and have a vision for the space that will improve upon my own.  Fernando and Conny have operated coffee shop/cafes in Stockholm, Sweden and Berlin, Germany and are significantly more qualified to operate such a shop than myself.  I have seen their designs for the space, as well as listened to some of their menu plans, and, as a future patron, I'm thrilled!  They've chosen to name their new venture simply and elegantly 132 Spring and describe their concept as: 

a stylish, casual, contemporary cafe that will serve breakfast, lunch, coffee, espresso, pastries, wine, and beer.  The menu will be modern and concise with exciting fusion twists and feature only the highest quality products.  The space will be filled with international music from across the globe, and customers will be able to purchase international art books and magazines.  It will, overall, be a place of shelter from the daily stresses of life where friends and family can come together over healthy, delicious food and amazing drinks in a beautiful environment.

     As for my future, there are other buildings I want to rehabilitate, books I want to read, and things I want to write down, none of which would be possible while giving the Eclectic Cafe the attention it deserves.  There may even be a vacation or two in my future.  Charleston, though, will remain my home, and 132 Spring Street my home base and staging point for all to come.  

     One of the first recorded philosophical utterances was, "You could not step twice into the same river."  New waters of life are ever flowing upon you.  All is flux and change.  You can either tread-water and allow the current to take you where it may or swim to a destination of your choosing.  We are swimming on, but hopefully we left something in our wake worth remembering.  Take Care and See You Around!